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   I’m Kinga, the writer and creator behind Beautiful Simple Life.

A beautiful simple life is living life being aware of all your past wounds, overcoming them while coming out stronger on the other side and then learning to create a life living intentionally. Because life isn’t simple, unless you intentionally make it simple by changing your mindset. Life can also be a place that isn’t so beautiful unless you intentionally live it self aware of everything around you, and teaching yourself to see the beauty in things. As the writer and creator behind beautifulsimplelife.com my intentions are to share all things that life threw my way to teach me all the lessons that needed to be learned. The things that not many of us spend talking and thinking about, but yet most of us have to overcome at some point in our journey.


   Every soul has a purpose and their own journey that they have to walk, and for all of us the journey might be different while the lesson is the same. There is always a lot that needs to be learned, therefor I will never stop learning and my goal is to continue sharing the lessons I learn from my heart. I want this to be a community where we can encourage each other and continue the growth as a community. A place where all the things on our hearts are shared. A place where we can grow to live our purpose and add our missing piece to the puzzle to this world.


   Learning about unconditional love, the kind that gives you the most butterflies and makes you want to transform into the best version of yourself. The kind of love that lights your soul on fire and it is felt so strong that it never has to be said. Learning to let go and detach in order to transform into someone that you once only dreamed of becoming. Leaving everything you have once believed in behind to put all your faith into yourself and the things that keep your soul on fire. I want this to be the place for you that helps you keep the balance in your life in order to learn to not burn out. It all comes down to having a growing mindset instead of a fixed mindset. I say, as long as you are willing to learn you will always be moving up towards your soul purpose. Please, don’t feel as if you need to be perfect to join this group, because none of us are. We are the people who continue to intentionally grow our mind, hearts and souls to simply create our own beautiful simple life.

Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer:

Beautiful Simple Life is a blog written by myself, Kinga. It is a place I share my personal opinions and life lessons. My website contains my own opinions and it doesn't reflect the opinions of any organizations. Any information I provide on my blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes. Any information on my blog is for entertainment and / or informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as any kind of professional diagnosis, such as medical, legal, tax, emotional or any other type. If anyone relies on any information at beautifulsimplelife.com, it’s at their own risk. I am not a professional therefore I’m not a doctor, medical professional, tax, professional, attorney, engineer, etc. I receive the right to change, manage and run my blog. I may change the focus or content on my blog at any time. All information provided on and taken from my blog is at their own risk. By reading my website they agree to any terms and conditions. Others cannot use, reprint or publish my material from the blog without my written consent.

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