8 Ways To Be More Mindful This Christmas

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Christmas is not about the gifts rather it is more about the memories that you can spend with your loved ones. It’s a time when we can pause and be grateful. The holidays can easily become chaotic even though we know it shouldn't be. I encourage you to challenge yourself to be more mindful this Christmas.

As a child, Christmas time seemed so magical. I remember going for long night walks being pulled on the slay. Being wrapped in a blanket as we walked around in the snow watching Christmas lights. Waking up to white snow in the morning and running outside to build a snowman. Having all the kids join us from the neighborhood to have a snowball fight. The memories are endless, and surprisingly none of it was really related to the gifts it was more about the memories that we share. I want to be able to give the same experience to my children.

Even though we don’t get snow in California there are plenty of other things to do that create special memories. I want my children to become mindful of the things that they do, and not make gifts their main focus.

This Christmas I challenge myself to take my days slow. Instead of running the stores and stressing about Christmas presents. I want to pause and take everyday slow. This is my favorite time of the year which is probably why it seems to fly by. It seems like the days just take over without being able to enjoy the little things.

Creating memories will be my main focus. I will list some of the things that I will try this year, and also some of my own traditions down below. I hope you get to try some of them and give yourself the opportunity to have peace in your life this holiday season.

1. Christmas Lights

Walk your neighborhood or any neighborhood that goes all out on decorations. Invite friends to join you and create beautiful memories with them.

2. Bake cookies while listening to Christmas music.

On rainy days, I love opening all my windows, letting the cold air fill the house as I light some candles and bake some cookies. My kids love baking cookies with me, and the best part is we pack it up and take it to a friends house. Sharing makes it that much better.

3. Start a challenge that will help you switch your focus.

I think the best time to challenge yourself with something is when it seems almost impossible to do it. This helps you take time away from chaos and do something that you have committed yourself to do. For me, my biggest challenge this December will be a Blogmas challenge. Where I choose to write and post a blog every single day up until Christmas.

4. Christmas movie night

Have a Christmas movie night with your kids. Choose a favorite movie, set up blankets and all your pillows on the floor. Create snack baskets and watch a Christmas movie while cuddling. Make some hot chocolate or coffee and have a late cozy night in the living room.

5. Family Time

Read books and play board games by your Christmas tree. Let your kids' imagination work and challenge them to a board game.

6. Night talk

My favorite kind of night involves being cozy on the couch and having a good deep conversation that never has to end. The type of conversation that you could have for hours and not let time get in the way. The ones where you can talk about your hopes and dreams and the value you want to add to your life. That special conversation that is shared with someone special who can make you see your world beautiful.

7. The List

Make a Christmas gift list and when you decide to tackle the shopping, stick to your list. Know what you want and don’t get distracted by all the pretty things on the shelf. Create a list of things that you want to give that will also give value to peoples lives. Try thinking outside the box because those gifts will be the most special.

8. Create a new tradition

Don’t be afraid to try something new because you might just end up loving it. Give the times of the day to create traditions that your kids might end up doing with their children.

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