A Letter To My Younger Self

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

A letter to my younger self because my priority is to be the person I needed the most when I was younger. This will be a very personal blog, that you might be able to relate to but you might not, since we are all battling our own battles.

The very first thing I wish I could say is to not worry about where you will end up because life will become better then you could ever imagine. Keep your focus on creating the life that you love by doing the things that feed your soul. There will be times when you feel discouraged in the projects you take parts of, but learn to stop looking for others approvals in life.


The very first thing that I want my younger self to learn is patience. Everything worth waiting for comes with time, and sometimes patience can be your biggest power. There will be times, when you want to jump into things head on, and know that it’s okay because you will turn it all into a life lesson. However, there will be times when you will go on a much harder route where you might find loosing yourself. Patience will be one of your biggest lessons that leads you to everything else that you need to learn. However, don’t use patience as an excuse to stop trying. Learn that handwork must be done in order for patients to work best.

Let Go

Learn to let go of the things in life that you can’t change. Practice detaching yourself from things because then nothing will own you. There will be times when detaching from people who drain your life away is essential. You won’t always be able to detach from certain people who truly know how to kill your spirit, but look at them as the people who you need in life to challenge yourself to get further. When you learn to let go, you are able to see what remains in your life. Whatever will remain will be the things that are worth your energy.

Perspective changes everything

Keep your head in the game, and always keep your mind open. Don’t narrow your thoughts down to believing that the only thing in life that are right are the things that you believe are. One day, you will have to face a challenge that will make you question everything you have ever believed in, and at that moment your life will forever change. Perspective truly is everything, it is how you are able to understand people and it’s how you let yourself learn. Being able to put yourself in someones else shoes, and walk in it will become one of your strength in your daily relationships. When you see a situation a certain way, challenge yourself to see the opposite.

Be grateful

If you learn how to be grateful for the things that you have, you will learn that you already have everything that you need. Everything else will be extra things that can make your life sparkle. Practice waking up every morning, being grateful for the things that you have and the opportunities that you get in life. Be grateful that you have made it this far, and know that this journey will continue. Look around your life, and be grateful for everyone who has crossed your path, whether it was for a moment, a season or a lifetime. All of those people will shape you into becoming the person that you are.

Listen to your intuition

Being intuitive will become your strongest power. If you listen to that little voice inside you, you will never have to ask for anyone's opinion because you will already have the answer within yourself. Learn to listen to your gut feeling and trust it. Your intuition will lead you to a journey you never thought you would go on. But if you dig deep when the time is right, you will find all your answers. Be aware that this will be a journey that requires a lot of healing. It is a journey you got to do alone to come out stronger and independent, but in the end it will all be worth it. Your biggest lesson in this journey will be forgiveness, independence, unconditional love and it will be a path to become fearless.

Never forget where you came from

Never change your identity because it will draw you to your all-time favorite people, and those will be your people for a lifetime. When you show your true self to the world, you will learn the people who admire you and the ones who don’t. It will be the most beautiful moment of your life when you meet people who fall in love with who you, and ones who see your soul as beautiful. When you're not afraid to show who you are and who you're becoming you will get the gift of experiencing true unconditional love.


Searching for love will seem like one of your life mission. It is why you are always attracted to the symbol of a heart. In this life, you will be out to understand a different kind of loves, and connections with different people. There will be different loves, and relationships that you experience before finding the one. One day you will find your person when it is least expected. He will be someone you find after you find yourself. It will be a love that guides you into becoming your best self. It will be a love that won't need to be said or talked about because you just know its there. It will be a love, where you will slowly learn everything that you need in life. The meaning of true love, peace, forgiveness, letting go. Your biggest, deepest fears will have to be faced before you can truly accept this kind of love. It will teach you to stand tall even if your alone and afterward your life will seem limitless. This will be the person that your heart will desire for even if you try to tell your brain otherwise. Love is something that has to be within yourself because unfortunately, you will have many years ahead of you where you won't be able to be with some of the people who you love the most. Carry them in your heart, and a part of them will always be with you.

Be okay with being alone

Learn that being alone can actually be very beneficial for you. Time spent with yourself will become the times you get inspired the most, and it will be how you can recharge. When you are able to learn to take a step back and recharge yourself, you will always be 2 steps ahead, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. When you learn to be okay doing things alone, it will help you with turning your attention on yourself. Stop trying to be there for everyone all times of the days, and be there for yourself.

Don’t take everyone's words to heart

People will always have opinions, but know that their opinion has nothing to do with you and everything to do with themselves. Their perception of you is a reflection of them; your reaction to them is going to be an awareness of you. If someone hurts you not because they are trying to help you but because of their own insecurity, don't be afraid to tell them to keep their opinions to themselves, not because you can’t handle it but because you won’t give them the response they are looking for.

It has truly been amazing writing this blog because it helped me reflect on some things in my life. I have learned that I came along way, but mostly I can’t wait to see the letter I will be writing myself 10 years from now. The past year, my life has changed more than I could ever put into words and I have been on a journey that I am beyond excited to be on. Subscribe and let’s see where life will take us.

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