Approvals Of Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The moment you have a plan, act on it and don't look for approval from anybody else. Letting someone else approval of your dreams and goals is giving away your power. It is how you become nothing more than someone sitting at the passenger seat of your life. If you have goals or dreams, go and take some actions towards it. Don't expect any support from anybody but yourself.

Do what you do for you, and not anybody else. If there is ever a person in your life who wants to destroy your dreams with their own self-doubt use it the most positive way. Take advantage of that kind of negativity, and fuel yourself with it. Know that there isn't anywhere else in the world where you can get that kind of fuel from. A way someone responds to things has nothing to do with you because it is their own responsibility. It comes from within, from what they know and what they have experienced. Don't let that response be your answer because it won’t make you any better.

It is crucial to remember that at the end of the day there is nobody that you can rely on, but yourself. Nobody owes you anything, and there will always be people who come in and out of your life, just to teach a lesson. Be wise enough to learn your lesson a way that it will only positively affect your life. Use every experience to your advantage to all the things you want to do. Know that the people who are supposed to believe in you the most might be the first ones to crush you. The ones who said will be there forever, might be the first ones to walk away.

The moment we learn to stop looking for approvals, everything will become a lot more simple. Your life and dreams will be up to nobody but yourself. It is how you become the driver to your own life, and your ability to take any route that you desire. Most of all don't have anyone in your life who will be nothing but a bumper or a stop sign to all the places that you want to go to. Just drive so fast that nobody but only the best of them will be able to catch up to you and join you in your journey.

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