Balancing Life

One of the secrets to happiness is accepting that one simply can’t do it all. Finding that balance may require a lot of tip-toeing that can turn into an overwhelming journey. One where one can lose themselves and forget all about their own needs. It seems as if regardless of how hard you can try to keep it all together, something always gets left behind. You might find yourself constantly meeting other peoples needs before your own. Falling into the trap of constantly keeping yourself busy with things that can keep you from peace. If you are looking for balance in your life that can bring you peace with all the things you are or are not doing, keep on reading.

1. Perspective is everything

I am a strong believer that if you can’t change something, change the way you look at it. Sometimes by changing your perspective, it can bring the most peace into your life. Understand the reason behind the things you are doing and the things that you want. Know that everything will come with a sacrifice.

2. Choose what's important

Know what you want, and choose to follow that direction. Know that there will always be something that gets left behind. If you choose to focus on yourself, then the people around you might feel a bit neglected. If you choose to spend all day with your kids than the house chores might have to be put on the back burner. Know that no matter what you choose, there will always be something that gets neglected. Accept it, and move in knowing that you have made the decision that was best for you

3. Fuel your own soul

Sometimes, you just got to do your thing. Stop spending your days running around doing what everyone else expects from you. Choose to say no to things, to do your thing. I spent a couple of days, choosing to do whatever felt right for me. It might have disappointed some people who expected me to do other things. But I have learned that the best way I can be my best is by doing my things first, and then having everyone else needs to put afterward. My kids were the only exclusions in this. Fuel yourself to give a full tank to the ones who deserve it the most.

Understand that your best value will always be given when your heart is in something. If you don’t feel up to something that you have a choice of getting out of, then don’t put yourself through misery. Know that it is always okay to pause the world around you and take a little break with your family. To spend some time doing the things that bring you closer together. Let go of the expectations and simply enjoy the moment.

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