Balancing Life And Letting Go

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Life is about the balance between holding on and letting go. Have you ever wondered how people seem to balance their life so well? It is because they practice the things that help life balance on a daily basis while learning to push their feelings aside. They pause, observe, and think of the best actions they can take to bring the most balance in their life. They don’t stop and listen to how their feelings and act on it accordingly. They pause so they can let their feelings go and make conscious decisions.

This is truly one of the hardest daily practices that I have been doing in my life, that have forever changed it. Sometimes it can be painful, but it is always rewarding at the end. If you want balance in your life, learn the things that you need to let go of, the things that you should hold onto, but most importantly take everything as a lesson to help you move forward.

The other day I got some beautiful flowers that I admired for a couple of days on my desk. It was something that brought me joy every time I got to smell them and look at them. It was a great addition to have on my desk, but as days passed peddles started to fall all over my desk and they started to die. Several days passed and the flower was nothing more than a very sad looking mess on my desk that needed to be let go. I knew I should have thrown them out days ago but for some reason, I was holding onto them because of the joy it has once brought me. I was holding onto the idea of how beautiful they were, even after it was long dead.

Some of us have relationships in our life that resemble the flowers on my desk. It might have been beautiful once, but as time passed it became a mess and could no longer be enjoyed. I know that it’s easier to let go of dead flowers on your desk than people in your life who aren't meant to be there. But the one thing that both of them have in common is that you have to eliminate the mess from your life and learn to let go to make room for something more beautiful. Start with the little things in life and work yourself up as you take on your daily practice.

Decide what is more important in your life, like balance or all the things that you are trying to hold onto. If you decide to let go of people, materialistic things, emotional issues, or maybe a little bit of yourself just know that whatever comes next will be another journey that needs to teach you something. If you let go, and you feel a great amount of pain, look within yourself and try to think why it’s making you feel that way. Practice the pause and don't react until your feelings have passed you by. 95% of the time feelings are what control our behaviors, which calls for chaos, and it’s what takes you away from the balanced life.

I hope you get to click away today with knowing that balance takes daily decisions and work. It is the result of fighting between how you are feeling and the things that you really want. Learning what to hold onto and what to let go of will help you with balance and move onto the next step in life. Have you ever tried balancing rocks? It’s just like balancing life and finding that peace, mastering your step, and moving onto the next one. Don’t be afraid to take your own time on things, sometimes it’s all about patience. Don’t rush it, just keep moving forward as long as you know you are mastering yourself every day you wake up and you will be one day ahead.

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