Changing a Habit

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Have you ever wished to change something in your life? The way you eat? The things you do? Or have a habit that seems impossible to break? I believe these are battles that most of us can relate to. Changing a habit involves having the right mindset, and making things simple by learning to take things one step at a time.

I’m not a specialist so this won’t be professional advice. However, I know a thing or two from personal experience about what has truly helped me with changing my personal habits. After all, changing habits is a way to get to where you want to be in life. I started with the simple things and worked my way up the ladder to the harder habits to break. The key was to always praise the things I have done, instead of beat myself up for the things I have not.

The very first habit I had to form was to always have my house stay clean and organized. This a battle of mine because as a mom of two boys, I am constantly running around picking up things. So I tweaked a couple habits of mine, like cleaning every morning after school drop off for 15 minutes. That included picking up the things that needed to be picked up, cleaning after breakfast, and picking one spot in the house that I know needed a good cleaning. I didn't think about it much, I already knew my clothes needed to be organized, so I just did it. If the fridge, the pantry, or my desk needed to be cleaned then I just did it. Believe it or not, things are done a lot faster then your brain actually makes it look.

Afterward, I reward myself with a cup of coffee or taking a little 10-minute break without feeling guilty. This is important because this is the time when I realize how easy it was to get things done if you just did it. When this habit got mastered I moved onto adding different rules, until I was finally satisfied and everything came naturally. I have broken a few habits to make new ones that would get me to the life I wanted to live.

It has been the same with the way I eat. I choose my food and try to go for something that is a whole food. When I’m hungry, I drink water before reaching for food because that helps me realize I was only thirsty. If I want something unhealthy (which haven't happened in a while) I go out and treat myself with moderation and refuse to bring it home unless we have company. This has helped to break the habits for my children to not choose chips and cookies, over healthy snacks like watermelon or apples.

This is the simplest way I have been breaking and making some of my habits. Living in the moment and choosing one choice at a time has been the only thing that worked for me. It doesn’t require a lot of energy or overthinking. Choose simple, and do what needs to be done before your brain has a chance to procrastinate.

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