Do you Self-Sabotage yourself?

Updated: Feb 16

Have you ever had someone say to you that your Self-Sabotaging yourself?

Did you ever wonder what it actually meant?

Self - Sabotage is wanting something and then going about making sure it doesn’t happen.

It is a cruel act to ourselves that we may not even realize that we're doing until someone tells us so. Unfortunately, this act to ourselves usually happens whenever we try to come out of our comfort zone.

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When can Self-Sabotage sneak up?

  • Whenever our anxiety rises about not getting to a place where we want to be.

  • Believing we should already be somewhere where we aren’t yet.

Often time we Self-Sabotage our own self without realizing. It is truly a sneaky way to stop us from reaching a goal we desire to reach. Certainly, there are times when we do anything we can to find an excuse to self-sabotage ourselves.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The answer is simple. When things are going really well, most of us stop and wonder if things are too good to be true. We imagine things going wrong, and try to convince ourselves that it may be better to not take the next step to protect us from anything that could go wrong. We limit ourselves to how much love, success, creativity we let ourselves enjoy. It may even be that limits are set on how far one can go out of their comfort zone before taking steps back.

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How to recognize when you are Self-Sabotaging yourself?

  • We play small and limit ourselves.

  • Get caught up in planning the work, but not taking the actions of doing it.

  • Comparing yourself to other's journey and their timeline. (ex: wondering why things may be slower for you)

  • Keeping busy with the little tasks to neglect the big ones.

  • Trying to use distractions. (ex: going to social media instead of working towards a goal)

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How to stop Self-Sabotage

Get a journal and write down your thoughts. I believe this is the best way to become self-aware of your thoughts and actions. Self-Improving ourselves not to be perfect but to become your best self at this moment.

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