Find The Light On Your Journey

We have all been there, those moments in life where a decision needs to be made regarding letting something break us or help us grow. Whatever journey life brings is an opportunity for us to choose between two different paths. The decision on what road we take can either create life to work for us or choose to use it as an excuse not to.

Do you ever wonder how people can be inspired to do things that seem impossible?

The truth is, that those people know and accept the fact the true inspiration that stays is the one that is created by them. Every day they practice being inspired by the little things in their journey that they are on. Their motivation and inspiration come from a dark place where they have practiced and made it a daily habit to shine the light on.

How to apply to our daily life:

  • Practice a change of mindset.

  • Bring awareness of challenges.

  • Become mindful that unpleasant situations are difficult because they bring us out of comfort zone, to help us grow.

  • Create peace with the unexpected difficulties life challenges us with, and choose the path that will bring strength.

  • Hold self-accountable for the way we choose to respond to something.

Everyone goes through a moment of hardship that was never wished upon. However, that moment won't be the one that justifies us. The awareness of our response to shine the light on a shadow situation is where self-growth happens. It is where we can creating a balance by bringing lightness to the shadow parts of life. This balance comes with practicing creating a life we love, and also satisfies us.

Life is like a garden, whatever we decide to water will grow and how we decide to balance everything in the “garden” or our life will depend on how well something can grow. Certain plants have different needs, just like how certain things in our life need different types of attention. The knowledge and awareness we add to our daily habits will determine the outcome of the seeds that we plant in life. Most often watering a garden, or just going through life on autopilot may lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction within ourselves. Every seed that gets planted needs a different type of nourishment.

Reflect on life as a special garden where it is our choice to plant the seeds that are desired. Whatever seeds were planted for you, be mindful of them and see if it may be a seed that requires extra attention. Just like how some of us can’t choose an illness we are born with, if we are mindful about it we can choose to create a life where we make it works for us and create a light in the darkness. It may be the very thing that makes us stronger or pushes us in the direction of self-love.

Even if there are seeds that have been planted by our past it does not mean we cannot go back and cut the roots out by also healing the damages it may have caused. Ultimately there is a significant amount of hardships that a person can go through in life. Choosing to shine a light on the dark moments will determine the amount of growth that one gives to life.

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