Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset

Our mindset is where everything begins. Our beliefs, effort, challenges, and mistakes all start with the thoughts that cross our minds. The basic foundation of a beautiful life is by choosing to have a mindset that creates growth within us. Our mind the very thing that determines how we view and live our life. Seeing something one way can make us feel a certain way and then seeing something another way will make us feel a different way. We always have multiple ways to view something, and the most important thing is to be aware of the options that we have and to not let it overwhelm us. Having a growth mindset lets a person realize that sometimes the only thing that we have control over is how we choose to think of something and let that though make us feel.

Have you ever heard of a growth mindset and a fixed mindset?

Do you know the meaning and concept behind it all?

In my recent studies, I came across some great information that described the difference between the two. Right away, I thought of sharing this in a blog post. I found it incredibly fascinating that we live in the same world but yet someone has a completely different way of living because of the type of mindset that they choose to live with.

What is a fixed mindset?

  • People who have a fixed mindset believe that they are who they are and that simply can’t be changed.

  • Believe that skills and talents are simply in their nature.

  • Believe that if something needs effort it is because it’s not for us.

  • Pulls back from challenges.

  • Avoids mistakes because they believe its a discouragement.

  • Takes things personal criticism is viewed as a disadvantage.

What is a growth mindset?

  • Learning new skills to continue growing.

  • Controlling the ability that they have.

  • Focusing on continuing to better themselves.

  • Embraces mistakes as opportunities for challenges to improve them.

  • Learns from criticism and improves on the feedback they receive.

Creating a growth mindset is possible for anyone. People with a growth mindset create a strategy to extend their personal growth. Giving it the best shot even when it seems impossible. They look at effort as a journey because to them life is no longer about the destination but enjoying the journey along the way.

Living life with a growth mindset not only lets us understand each other more, but it also creates more opportunities and brings in healthier relationships into our personal life. Instead of focusing on comparison, judgment, and negativity, it lets us switch our focus on constantly learning new things about ourselves and the world around us. It also brings more compassion to ourselves and the people that we come in contact with. A growth mindset lets us see and understand the world in ways that we might have never been open to before.

I would love to know your thoughts on this blog, and what tips you may apply to your life.

Also, please share some positive tips that you may have added to your life and have worked for you.

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