Have you ever heard the saying that true happiness comes from within? There is a great amount of power within those words because it is the core of what creates the start of a balanced life. The happiness that is found within, is one that can’t be taken away. It is pure bliss that won’t add expectations onto the relationship with our loved ones. Whatever we are hungry for we become desperate in believing we deserve.

When one finds happiness within themselves, they create a healthy balance in their life. Our perception on how we view our life will be focused with gratitude. The love that we are willing to give away and receive will be filled with empowerment. With happiness comes self awareness that shows us the difference between all the things that we want and what we deserve. Some people wait for others to make them happy, they wait until someone comes along who can bring happiness that they have not learned how to give themselves. By searching for our happiness out in the world, we lose our core balance for so much more.

The core of happiness has to come from within ones self before it comes from anyone else. If we learn to find our own happiness before expecting it from others, then pure joy will always be ours. It won’t fade away, be taken away from us, or set us up for disappointment. It will be there within yourself, and if somebody else comes along who brings us joy our cup will overfill with pure bliss for everyone around us. The secret to a happy life is to not go out in the world to search for it, but to be brave enough to create it within ourselves. It requires constant work on breaking down walls and digging deep within ourselves to search for answers that require attention.

What are some of the benefits that I learned from this experience?

  • gratitude

  • self-awareness

  • enjoying the moments of life

  • loving deeper

  • choosing happiness

  • independence

  • knowing what I want from life

Please don’t get me wrong, I don't walk around with a smile on my face all day long. I also don’t spend my days in a bubble of giggles. The easiest way to put this into practice is to pause, and choose to see the best side of things. Even if there isn’t a good side to something, choosing to gain perspective on situations, and choosing to learn the lesson that life wants to teach us is always a better option. When the days seem hard, choose to decide to switch focus on being grateful. It is the best way to help your mind on learning how to instantly search for the happiness within yourself.

Some questions to consider:

  1. What’s your definition of happiness?

  2. What words come to your mind when you think of someone who has found true happiness within themselves?

  3. What are some ways that you can achieve this in your own life?

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