Healthy Mindset

What is a healthy mindset?

There are times in life when things seem to be out of our control, but regardless our mindset will always be the one thing we can gain control over. Having a healthy mindset is crucial at times when everything else seems to be falling apart. According to online research, a healthy mindset involves finding ways to grow from our thoughts instead of letting them control us. It is setting an intentional mindset to go above on dwelling and letting our situations become harmful to us. There are no specifics to what is considered a healthy mindset, and what isn’t. For everyone, the journey will look different depending on their situation at their current time.

Questions to consider before starting this blog:

  • What is considered a healthy mindset to you?

  • Are your daily thought helping your mindset grow?

  • Have you ever started something but the idea of making it perfect stopped you from finishing it?

What is a perfect mindset?

A perfect mindset is the illusion that was once created by your thoughts with the belief on how things should be. There is no such thing as perfection, there is just the idea of perfect for each of us in that very moment.

Think of a time when you gave something your best. When you returned to that work months later, did you realize all the things you could have done different? That’s because we grow, learn and our perspective changes. Welcoming the thought that "our perfection" will continue to shift, can help us guide our focus towards creating things a healthy way.

Achieving anything that we want to last has to be done a healthy way to improve our life. That is how we make sure it may break something meaningful in the meantime. Perfection takes time, effort and it requires doing the same thing over again while trying to do it better each time. The facts about perfection is that the idea of it constantly changes which is why it’s much more important to achieve our goals with a healthy mindset instead of a perfect one.

While having our focus on the little details can be satisfying, it has to come with a healthy balance of knowing that there is a thin line that can mistakenly be crossed. That fine line is what changes something from being to our advantage to become our disadvantage. Disadvantages can become our greatest obstacle in life by simply following the poor habits that we have once unknowingly created.The only way we can ever achieve anything perfectly with a healthy mind is by enjoying the process of doing our best in that moment with the acceptance of it being imperfect in the next.

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Why does a healthy mindset matter?

Because at the end of the day it’s not about how your life looks on the outside, but instead it’s about how it feels on the inside. It’s about those moments when you realize that there is a truth behind all of our reality. That truth is simply learning to be mindful and trying to enjoy the little things in life.

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Practices for a a healthy mindset:

1. Calm mind

The ability to calm our own mind under chaos is extremely powerful. When we’re under pressure it is crucial to learn to keep a calm mind in order to make healthy decisions. Keeping a calm mindset is all about bringing awareness to what’s happening and becoming mindful about the thoughts that we are having.Understanding how our thought creates our reality. Gaining a knowledge of what serves us positively in life.

2. Prioritize

Become sure of your priorities not just for the future but for the present moment. Being clear with priorities, goals, and values help remove the overwhelming feelings that come with uncertainty. Know what our values are and understand who we are. Often we get so caught up in watching how other people are that we may lose sight of our own identity and values.

Keep in mind that how other people value us will always be a reflection of who that person is and not who we are.

3. Gentle with Self

Know your abilities and accept yourself for who you are.One of the biggest contributors to an unhealthy mindset is a lack of compassion towards ourselves. Becoming kind and understanding with ourselves brings less focus on comparing yourself to others.

Not everything is meant for everyone. Keep an open mindset about letting yourself grow into your best self. Embracing the good qualities within yourself and know that even if you could satisfy everyone in the world at the end of the day, that still wouldn’t fulfill your satisfactions if you left yourself behind.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Accept that there is no shortcuts. It takes time to build a better stronger version of yourself. We want to do things, and be things but do we know the road on how to get there.

Create a habit of practicing mindfulness. Accept that there are no shortcuts in life. It takes time to build a better stronger version of ourselves. We want to do things and be things but sometimes we become blinded to the road that it requires us to take to get there.

5.Mental Clarity

Having a clear idea of what’s important to you is essential when it comes to dealing with making decisions. The healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is committing and dedicating ourself to stay focused on our own goals and what’s important to us, rather than distracting ourselves from outside sources.

I would love to know your thoughts on this blog, and what tips you may apply to your life. Also, please share some positive tips that you may have added to your life and have worked for you.

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