How to de-clutter your mind

Updated: Feb 16

Have you ever had a moment in life when all the thoughts in your mind were preventing you from taking action to achieving your goals? There are thousands of information that we receive throughout the day. All of that information can get stored and keep our thoughts busy, feeling as if it’s running through a hamster wheel. De-cluttering the mind is just as important as de-cluttering your life. Our mental space is essential when it comes to functioning in the world. Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, most often by changing our mental space we can change the outcome of the situation.

How a clutter mind effects you?

  • Having a cluttered mind is like trying to get our work done in a room that is cluttered.

  • Takes focus away from the main priority

  • Shifts priority and perception

  • Makes procrastination easy

  • Keeping thoughts and expectations about how things are supposed to be

  • The little things start to overwhelm you

  • A cluttered mind keeps you away from taking action.

Habits that help change behavior.

  • Writing down and journaling everything in mind.

  • Acknowledging the clutter we have in our thoughts.

  • Prioritizing

  • Being honest with what fits our reality

  • Something might seem like a priority until we realize it isn't the time for us to work on it.

  • Simplifying

  • Returning to the basics

  • Be gentle with yourself

Most often we can become our worse enemy that can regress our improvement.

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Ask yourself:

What’s essential to you?

What do you need to prioritize in this moment?

How can you get there?

When simplifying we realize that most of the clutter that we have in our mind doesn't belong. Give yourself the time of the day to empty your brain and return to things with a clear vision. Sometimes we hold onto everything all at ones. Our experiences, feelings, emotions, things that we need to do all the same time. By doing so we overwhelm ourselves with un-useful information that may not serve us at the moment. Even if something can be very beneficial, we may harm ourselves with it more by holding onto it too tightly at the wrong time. Let go of the things that aren't useful for you.

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