Intentional Thoughts

Updated: Feb 16

Thoughts create our reality, intentional thoughts make the reality the outcome we desire. Everything begins with our thoughts that we turn into words and sometimes turn into action. Being intentional with it helps us be aware of the fact that our life can be created for us instead of something that is happening to us. Intentional thoughts are where we begin a change to occur in the mindset that shifts the outcome of the repeating cycles of the things that do not serve our life.

When is it time to become intentional with our thoughts?

The answer is simple, now.

  • If there is a desire to take control of our own lives and change the things that can be changed.

  • When we no longer want to settle into believing that things always have to be a repeating cycle.

  • When the outcome of life’s cycles has no service to us.

  • When there is a deep desire to change

  • When the acceptance of knowing that everything starts with a mindset we have.

“Things in life will only change

if you are willing to change”

-Beautiful Simple Life

How can we make a shift in our life?

  • Changing the point of view, perspective is essential.

  • Accepting that we need to always be learning because life will always throw different lessons our way.

  • Think of ways that a hard situation can benefit us with a positive outcome.

  • The only way we can stop getting a repeating outcome is by taking the time to learn the lessons that life is trying to teach.

  • Then making a mindful decision to change the perspective of the situation to receive a different outcome.

  • There are many things in life that physically can’t be changed, however the result it brings to one's life can change by having a shift in the mindset to choose their thoughts intentionally.

Beginning steps to an intentional mindset:

1. Deciding what we want, and taking the right action towards those desires. Instead of focusing on the temporary emotion that comes from the momentary situation keep in mind the long term goal.

2. The intentions that are created by our thoughts must have the most positive intentions to take the right actions. Come from a place of love, to do the things that are truly right. What goes around simply comes around, therefore being intentional to only set intentions that desire to be received in life.

3. Take actions towards a fulfilling life. Having a fulfilling life starts with a grateful heart for the things that we already have. Counting our blessings will switch our thoughts on focusing on all the positive things in life.

Everything always comes back around in some kind of shape or form. Being intentional about the thoughts on what we want more of in our life will become our greatest inner guide on living life intentionally. If there is a desire for more joy, love, forgiveness, etc, then become all those things and spread it in the world to others. Whatever our heart desires, is what our intentions need to create more of in our life.

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