Learning The Lesson

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

When you strive to live your life being aware in the present moment, you are able to receive some answers that you might have been searching for. The other day, I had an opportunity to do something that I never imagined myself doing. It was something I never wanted, and deep down knew it wasn't for me. Ignoring all that, I took the chance because the idea of it sounded wonderful. I started wrapping my head around how my life would change, and how I was going to make this work for me. It was all clear in my mind, I had a plan and I knew I could make it work. I was ready to go out of my comfort zone and take the big step. The step that made me falsely believe that my worth would be proven to some people.

“Just because things hadn't gone the way I had planned

didn't necessarily mean they had gone wrong.”

-Ann Patchett

Coming out of my comfort zone to do something out of the ordinary was hard as it is. I was faced with my intuition shouting that this is not a step I should be making. The go-getter in me ignored it and continued to accomplish the plan that I set for myself. I knew that old ways won’t open new doors, and at that moment everything changed. It was a challenge I was ready to face because I wanted to believe that it was something that was meant for me.

“Sometimes it’s not about the story,

it’s about the lesson that needs to be learned.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

With a quick rejection, my life seemed as if it was going to shatter into pieces. The feeling of working for something that isn’t good enough for someone else can sometimes make us feel as if we are losing our value. However, my value never got lost. My life remained the same by being rejected, but I gained more strength by coming out of my comfort zone. The only thing that really got shattered were the plans that weren't meant for me. I paused and switched my thought to learn a lesson from all of this instead of letting it dwell in me. I realized I just accomplished something I never imagined I would. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried. My value was never actually lost, just because it wasn't enough for somebody else.

“Some things are just not meant for us,

no matter how badly we want them to be.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

This step is what prepared me for the next one that awaits me. It was a preparation to teach a lesson. The lesson that sometimes, some things are just not meant for us, no matter how badly we want them. Mostly I learned that as long as I’m present in the moment, and learn to shut my ego off, I am able to keep moving forward. Sometimes it’s not about the story but the lesson that needs to be learned. I believe that if we learn to pause for life to teach us a lesson, life will become more valuable. In conclusions don’t walk away wondering what my story is, instead learn the lesson from it and apply it to your own life.

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