Learning to live with and without.

The mindset of being good with and without is the ultimate masterpiece of creating a mindful happy life while finding happiness within ourselves. For as long as I can remember my parents have always been the kind of people who enjoyed teaching a lesson with everything that life threw my way.

Most of these lessons for them was simply a way of living, maybe without even realizing the value, they have shared. Today I want to share a simple story behind creating a mindful mentality that brings awareness to what we put our values in.

Do you ever wish to yourself…

  • If I only had this…. (fill in the blank) I would be happy?

  • Maybe you walk through the store and think that “this” will make my life easier?

  • To find yourself buying it, maybe using it a couple of times until it becomes a burden to have around? Or worse, take it home and never use it just hide it in the closet?

Maybe you thought that a different way of living would also bring more happiness to you because the grass looks greener on the other side. Then shortly realized it may be greener but it’s also artificial.

If so…please read on.

A little back story, when I was growing up (just like any other kid) would hope for things, wish for things, and asked for things that caught my eye. Just like any other person I sought the momentary satisfaction of getting something that I wanted to make me happy. I would spend time negotiating with my parents about why and how badly I needed that stuffed animal or that new toy. My parents saw the determination of really wanting something in my eyes, and thankfully being the mindful parent that they are they unintentionally wanted me to sit with that feeling of wanting something so bad.

They made me think about what it was that desired that feeling of need. Was something missing that I was trying to void a feeling too?

Most often we went home without that one thing that I thought I needed and couldn't live without, just to learn a lesson. The lesson was to learn to live without something that you thought you needed. Once I have mastered this feeling, we went back to the store and they bought it for me. Most of the time when we went back, I was able to look and realize that I no longer needed or even wanted that thing. I learned at a very young age that happiness and ultimate fulfillment had to come from within ourselves first, and everything else was a cherry on top.

Don’t get me wrong, I always had more than enough things and got things I asked for. But now looking back I realized that these simple life lessons that I was given had more of an impact on my life then I have ever realized.

Now, you might think what an awful story, just give the kid what she wants and make her happy. But the truth is that even if I got a moment of satisfaction, I wouldn’t have had a lifetime of awareness that true happiness comes from within ourselves. The decisions that they have made to plant a seed of becoming aware of my wants, needs, and desires while learning to make the best out of any situation, was a way for them to help me grow through the challenges of life.

With that awareness, I have grown to search deep within myself for the answers behind the journey to my life while learning to have a fulfillment of joy without any obligations.

Sometimes we desire things, feelings, people that make us feel full. But the truth is that what feeds us also starves us. Therefore it is up to us to learn to make ourselves fulfilled without relying on anything or anyone else to do so.

Things that this method has thought to me:

  • Helped me separate wants from need.

  • I realized that there is a difference between what I want and what is good for me.

  • Helped me search for meanings deep within myself.

  • I learned to make myself feel fulfilled without expecting anyone or anything else to do so.

  • Thought me that happiness and fulfillment start from within, then you can shine it out to your reality.

  • If your soul isn't fulfilled, nothing in the world will be good enough.

  • If there is a desperate want for something, sit with the feeling and figure out the reason behind it.

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