Leaving Room For The Unknown

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Planning has always been my specialty. I have always set goals for myself, believing that a goal without a plan, is just a wish. This has forever influenced the way I do things. Consequentially, changing the way I live my daily life. Planning has always given me a sort of guarantee to what life has in store. It became a way to protect myself from the unknown. To have definite answers in my life. It feeds the small part of me that hates the anticipation.

Sometimes life decides to teach you a lesson. It throws everything in your face, forcing you to second guess everything you thought you knew. I have learned (unwillingly), that there are times in life when having a plan will not hold any guarantees. A time, when planning will become nothing more than a letdown. A time when plans are nothing more than hopes and dreams.

Leaving room for the unknown is essential. Giving into the unknown can help you learn about yourself and your life. The lessons, are what you have been making plans to avoid. This is a place where you can be proved wrong if you are willing to take the hard road instead of the easy one. My personal lesson has been that sometimes if you're willing to leave room for the unknown you will find answers that you didn't know existed.

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