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Updated: Feb 16

Living a life with intentions is identifying what is important and what is not for us to create our own life. Everything we receive in the world is a reflection of what has been created by our own and maybe even other peoples intentions. Intentions create the blueprint of our life, it creates an outline where we then choose to take actions in our daily life by the decisions, beliefs, and habits that we create. Whatever our intentions are behind the things that we do and say have a bigger impact than what we do. Where our intentions go, energy flows, wherever energy goes determines how someone spends the rest of their life.

“Intention creates the blueprint of your life”

-Beautiful Simple Life

Living an intentional life is living for your purpose while making conscious decisions towards choosing to take charge of your life. It is taking control over the things that are in your hands, and giving faith into the things that aren’t. The best way to make any changes to a life that might not be fully satisfying is by becoming intentional with everything we do first. The intentions we set towards things will impact the present moment and the future. It creates an opportunity to move forward and stops the cycle from living in the past.

1. Intentional Mindset

Create a mindset where your intentional with where your focus goes. Take actions daily to create the things that you want to see more of in your life. Regardless of what the day brings be intentional with your decisions and know that you have more power in things than you ever believed in. Whether it’s something that takes you out of your comfort zone or something that might seem small, take intentional action towards it.

2. Slow Down

With everything you do, slow down. Stop rushing through things that you got to do and slow down with your days. When you slow down, fewer mistakes are made, and it gives the chance to learn to enjoy the process of doing things without always waiting for the result. Slowing down doesn’t mean sitting on the couch for the day without taking any action. It just means to take a breath in the middle of it to readjust yourself to do whatever you do with an intention. Even if you are doing something simple like cleaning, cooking, working out, spending quality time, eating. Whatever that might be, let yourself have a pause to set the right kind of intentions to yourself.


Clean because you like to see the beautiful things that you earned money to buy clean and taken care of. Set an intention to clean because you want yourself and everyone in your home to enjoy themselves in it.

Cook to prepare a delicious healthy meal for the people that you care about.

Workout because you want to nourish your body a way it deserves to be nourished. Not because it’s a daily routine that you feel obligated to accomplish.

Spend time with the people you enjoy with the intentions of making memories and connections with them. Not because of any obligation or because it is convent to your benefit of filling some kind of void.

Intentional eating is the best way to listen to what the body needs and learn more about yourself. Often we decide to eat because it is time to, or maybe even for entertainment out of boredom. Worst of all we decide to eat something that we might be “craving” a flavor to not something that our body wants us to nourish it with.

3. Step out of autopilot

Most of us live through our days on autopilot. Doing things we hate, with people who we don’t have connections with. We might spend some of our days with people who are filling a void instead of the people who can help us grow. By all means, I don’t believe some people are better than others, I just simply think some people aren’t for others. Let them go and be with the kind of people whom they can grow from and enjoy their times with. Don’t be afraid to decrease time with people who are supposed to be with others. This creates room for the people who are meant to be for you to come into your life. End things that need to come to an end to intentionally give yourself a new beginning.

4. Create your values

What are your values in life? Live every day to meet your values. Not the values that others have for you, or expect from you but the ones that you have for your life. Create some values that are truly yours and value them until everyone around you respects them.

There is more behind everything that happens in life and often we can’t see past what's in front of us. Just think of a time when someone said something hurtful and instantly the reaction might have been to become defensive or shut the feelings down for that person. That moment is the moment that needs a pause to intentionally choose to acknowledge that there is an intention behind what that person said.

With intentions, perspective can be seen to see that whatever was said may not have an intention from their part because it might have come from a place of believes, fear, pain or a judgment place of their ego. Whatever the reason is, acknowledge the fact that whatever their intention was has nothing to do with you because it is all a reflection to them. The way we intentionally respond will be how we change the outcome of our life. You can have an intention to prove them wrong by choosing love for yourself, by not responding or letting it go. Because at the end of the day your intentions should be the ones that hold the most power in your own life. Create conscious intentions in life to do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.

When you wake up in the morning and you make it your priorities to set intentions for the day it keeps you on track in walking in faith, love, and positivity. It creates a perfect balance by letting yourself become mindful of the moments throughout the day when a pause is essential to take control. Choose intentions and know that deep within yourself, there are reasons behind the things that you do. Be brave enough to go after figuring out those reasons behind them. Let yourself take mindful actions to be where you want to be in your life. Sometimes people walk around trying to find happiness in people or maybe even material possessions. When all it takes to be happy is to pause and intentionally make happiness a choice. If something that happens in life doesn’t make you happy, don’t give it the power to make you sad.

“Create conscious intentions in life to do

the best you can until you know better,

then when you know better, do better.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

Intentional living requires one to be completely honest with themselves. There is no setting up walls or living behind a mask because the truth will shine brighter than anything less. Encourage yourself to be honest and authentic with who you are and prioritize taking actions towards the things that you want in your life.

Some things that you can do:

  • Set intentions daily with your goals in mind and ask yourself

  • What are the things that matter to you?

  • What will you do today to make intentional conscious decisions towards the things that you want?

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