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Updated: Feb 16

Mental clarity is the root of grounding one's self in life by either choosing the mind to become our greatest supporter or our worse enemy. The amount of work will be the same, however, the journey of it will define one's life.

We are a couple of weeks into the new year, and many of us have set intentions, made commitments, and resolutions to ourselves. Whichever one we believe in, all of these commitments have one thing in common to be better and do better than the year before.

It may have been a commitment of yours to get healthy, take better care of yourself, spend less time, and money on the things that don't serve you anymore. Whatever these goals may be, the ultimate goal isn't just to accomplish them, but to enjoy the joy within the journey without leaving us feeling burnt out. After all what benefits do we gain by reaching a destination without enjoying the process of getting to it?

Whenever we decide we want to change in life, our mindset towards something we want different needs to change first. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. It is the ultimate way to set ourselves up for failure by starting something new in our life with the same patterns, and habits that we have formed in the past. If you are ready to get the results that you have always hoped for but seemed impossible, this blog was meant to be read by you.

A mental cleanse is much needed for all of us once in a while. With the weight of the world, there are millions of things running through our minds constantly, and with that, we can easily build up resentment, overwhelm, and sometimes completely lose ourselves. This mental challenge was created to let yourself pause and go back to the basics of things to build stronger healthier roots in our life.

Personal Story:

A couple of years ago, I was faced with burnout and didn’t find myself in the world. I did what I have always known would work, I started fresh. I completely changed my diet which lead me to change the way I thought about food. I became somewhat of a minimalist. Not because I wanted to be labeled by something, but because I needed to get back to the basics of things. I had let go of things in my life that I never thought I could part from. The more I cleansed my house, the deeper I wanted to go. I began to declutter my closet and every little item that I owned.

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It was at that moment when I realized how many things I was living with that didn't serve a purpose in my life. I realized it was much simpler to own fewer clothes that I loved to wear than to have a closet full of clothes I didn’t. I began to spend much less money on things because instead of focusing on saving I began to switch my mind on focusing on all the things that I used to buy that didn't add value to my life. My diet went back to eating simple and the basics of things that were grown in the garden instead of processed in a factory.

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I began to buy everything with simple ingredients, cleaning products, beauty products. I was satisfied with the idea of making everything in my life simple because it all began to feel light. I began to have more time to spend on the things I loved to do, and I started to unfold a better self of me.

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The basics of a mental cleanse?

  • Self Care

  • Our Space

  • Diet and Exercise

  • Focus on positivity

~The questions below were created to guide you to find your own answers within yourself. We all have a different journey therefor I strongly believe that we are the only ones who can give ourselves the right answers.

Self Care

Before anything, with all honesty, ask yourself:

What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

Our mind can become a rabbit hole if we don’t learn to control it. The little things quickly cloud or vision and we become distracted by what is in front of us instead of where our focus should be.

How do you spend most of your time?

The way we spend our time says a lot about where our future is headed.

Do you spend time on things that feel good to you?

Sometimes its easier to keep busy and neglect ourselves. But instead of focusing on what you aren’t doing, switch your thoughts on the things that gives the feeling of happiness and light.

Self-care can easily be forgotten because it takes effort, time, and a habit. To make self-care a positive habit in our life, we have to change our mindset on the way we view it. If self-care seems like too much work than it needs to be more simplified. We may have to simplify the way we do it or the way we expect it to be done.

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Self Love is the beginning

Our Space

The space we spend our time can affect our mood. Think of a time when you tried to get anything productive done in a messy room, it probably felt impossible or cluttered. I know as for me, nothing gets done until I have my space clean and cluttered free. If i need to do anything, and let my mind wander free there needs to be a mess-free zone so my thoughts don't get lost in mess in front of me.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do you spend most of your time looking at?

Are you one who spends time looking at other peoples lives a life they love? We all do this, and it’s okay as long as it isn’t taking time away from you doing what you would love to do.

Places to start at:


Surrounding yourself with what you love and what serves a purpose. Don’t make space, or welcome things into your life that you know won’t be good for you. Sometimes we keep things, out of fear of letting go, or because we have a fear of needing it one day and not having it. If you want to accept growth into your personal life know that the things that once served you will no longer will. It’s not about who we were, but it’s what version of ourselves we want to become.


Allow yourself permission to unfollow people who don’t make you feel good or inspire you. The less we consume ourselves with the more we give space for ourselves. Take the extra step to unsubscribe from emails that you are no longer interested in. Let your thoughts wander without distractions. Those moments of silence is where creativity hides.

Diet and Exercise

Before anything, I would like to make it clear that when I say diet and exercise I think that for each of us we have to find what works for us. Ultimately the best habit to create is listening and becoming intentional with our bodies. Not following a specific guideline or rule but truly learning to listen and be in tune with our bodies. Know what each of our cravings means and learn how we can make a healthier option.

Questions to consider:

What healthy habits can you add to your life that doesn’t require much effort?

What is it that overcomplicated your idea about being healthy?

How can you create a simple version of this?

Simple Life Changes That Can Be Made:

Adding a “gratitude walk” into your day.

Take however much time you can out of your day to take a walk. During this walk, think about all the things you are grateful for in your life. This is a perfect way to realize how much you have in life that you might take for granted. It is also a perfect way to get a little more movement in for the day. The idea isn’t to be perfect and do something crazy that may lose your motivation towards the end. The goal is to create healthy habits one step at a time while finding enjoyment in them.

Preparing meals at home.

This truly isn't as difficult as it sounds. Planning and keeping meals simple and healthy are the easiest way to stay away from processed food. I am a true believer in our mind making mealtime more difficult than it needs to be. Living with a chronic illness I have learned that the best method of changing our mindset about food is not to focus on what I can’t have, instead to focus on all the things that we possibly can.

Focus on positivity.

A positive mind is a positive life. Life happens, and we go through roller coasters and it is our responsibility to keep our focus from all the things we can be grateful for in life. Psychologist says that when you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities. Creating a positive mindset takes two things, wanting to change your perspective so they serve you and committing on making it a habit.

How can you focus on positivity?

  • Whenever faced with a challenging situation that gets you in the mood, make sure you don’t use that as an excuse to get stuck in it.

  • Regardless of how negative things might seem, don’t let that become what defines the outcome.

  • Most often we can’t control the things that happen to us, but what we can control is the way things will turn out the end.

  • Choose to see things in ways they can work for you to empower you into your best self.

Tips for a positive mindset:

  • Believe that you deserve better than how you are feeling at this moment.

  • Be conscious about the thoughts you welcome into your mind because one day they will create your reality.

  • When a negative thought comes, replace it with two positive ones by changing the pattern of your thoughts.

  • Give gratitude, for everything in your life.

  • Be gentle with yourself, more often than not we can become our worse enemy.

This blog was intended for anyone who is looking for creating a healthy growth mindset. There will always be things in life that can cloud our vision and create negative patterns in our life. Everything in life happens on a mental level before it physically comes into our mind. Therefore the way our mind works and the thoughts we let ourselves believe will slowly create our reality.

Ask yourself:

What reality are you spending your days on creating?

Is your mindset adding up to the person and life that you desire?

I would love to know your thoughts on this blog, and what tips you may apply to your life. Also, please share some positive tips that you may have added to your life and have worked for you.

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