Our Fears

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

If there is ever something that you fear the most, that’s the brains' way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome. Our biggest fears can take control of our lives if we decide to neglect them. Fear is something that we all have, and the power of it can overpower our choices.

“The fears we don’t face become our limits”

Have you ever wondered why you fear something so much?

Some of us fear of decision making, being alone, being rejected, not being important enough for people. Some might fear to show their true self to others because they are terrified of not being accepted. Living with any kind of fear is a danger to ourselves because it means that parts of our past have not been dealt with. For some of us, our fears can become our greatest strengths if we learn to face them.

“Our fears can become our greatest strengths

if we learn to face them.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

There could be a lot of fear in a persons life from their past. Especially if they never faced the fears that were left in them. Some of the baggage from our past we might be aware of, but some might be things that we never knew we went through. There are things that live under the unconscious mind, and the only way we can realize they are there is by digging deep into the reason behind our fears. When you reflect on your life and try to analyze the fears you have, you will have to face everything that you ever believed in.

“Fears are nothing more than the reflection of the baggage

we continue to carry around.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

Fears can follow you all through your life, and it can affect the choices you make. It’s important to conquer the fears we have and figure out the reason behind it. Otherwise, we might spend our life making decisions based on fears. After all, fears are nothing more than the reflection of the baggage we continue to carry around.

Here are a couple of the first steps that might help you with your journey of overcoming your fears.

1. Make sure you keep an open mind

2. Don’t be afraid to leave old thinking behind

3.Become as optimistic as you can

4. When the hard time comes, let yourself feel the emotions of the moment

5. Don’t become a victim of your fears, instead choose the other path

6. You are strong enough to face it all, one step at a time

7. Let the feelings pass through you, and then let them go

8. If needed, ask for help but make sure it’s someone who has been through it and has the same values as you

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