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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The best times are the ones that are spent with the people who feed our soul. I find myself valuing all the people in my life who take the time to share deep conversations with. The people who know exactly what to say, to bring joyful tears to my eyes one minute and make me laugh until it hurts, the next. The ones who see greatness within me even when I don’t see it myself. I have realized that it’s true what they say, “people fall in love with the people who make us love who we are when we are around them.”

The other day, I had a good conversation that made me realize what I value the most. I’m constantly challenging myself with the idea of wanting less, so I am able to give more. I love having nice things, but I love owning less even more. My life seems a lot simpler that way, and I’m able to create my own beauty in life. When I value moments and people around me, my focus shifts.

There are people who give their own value, based on the things that they own. Those are the ones that feel that they lose their own value when losing their possessions. I am not too sure when the world became more interested in the type of clothes and bags they had, rather the way they treated people around them. Some of us spend more time talking about people we don’t know, rather wondering how some of our loved ones are doing. Based on that action, it shows where one's value is in their life.

It almost seems, as if people find it easier to be known for the things they own instead of the person that they become. A dear friend of mine said, “Look, if a lizard loses its tail, he isn't affected too much by it. He just grows it back and life goes on. That is exactly how you live your life. When everything around you falls apart, your value of who you are staying because you don’t let anything around you define who you are. You are you because you added your own value to yourself.” First things first, it takes a wonderful friend to see you that way, and I am forever grateful for her.

That statement of hers couldn't have been more inspiring. We should put the things we value the most in ourselves, and everything else around us is extra. Even if everything were to disappear, you would still have it all because everything you need is already within yourself. I challenge you today to ask yourself, what would happen if the things you owned no longer defined you?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the differences that you make, the peace you carry within yourself and the love that you can spread to others. Take a week away from thinking the way you do, and challenge yourself to make different choices. Start different conversations, and change your values back to the basics. Just for a week, live life simple and different from what you are used to. Just pause and see the beauty that will unfold.

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