Overcoming The Hardships

The hardships that we face are the bittersweet moments that can build us or break us. Life happens to all of us. Sometimes it can be great and other times it brings us to face situations we never thought we would have to overcome. But, the beauty in life can be most admired after the storm has passed through because the bittersweet moments in life can create us into a better person.

During a storm, we might lose sight of the bridge that needs to be crossed to get to our desires but keep in mind that the storm will pass. In that moment of facing a storm we easily let chaos misguide us by the overwhelming emotions that has caused the insanity. In that moment, the only thing that we have control over is how we react and how we let it take an affect into our life. If for a moment, we patiently take the time to understand the reason behind something occurring in our lives we give ourselves the chance to take control over the outcome of our life. It’s how something bitter can become sweet. Observe and realize what this hardship can make you become while allowing the circumstances that need to happen, and then taking control over the situation to guide you on the bridge that lets you cross onto the road you hope to be on.

“During a storm, we might lose sight

of the bridge that needs to be crossed to get to our desires

but keep in mind that the storm will pass.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

For some, their might be a current hardship that needs overcoming, but unsure how to do so all while coming out stronger on the other side. Are you one that believes that everything happens for a reason? For as long as I can remember, I knew that any hardship that life threw at me had a story and a lesson that needed to be learned. It’s how life teaches us the lessons that needs to be learned and for some, it seems like the same hardship occurs after many years has passed if the lesson wasn’t learned. Thats why I believe that choosing to walk through a difficult path in life is a lesson to guide us to be exactly where we need to be. For many of us, it is easier to shut our emotions down and try to let all our doubts fill our mind. But eventually, all those emotions will catch up to us and all the clean up will become twice as hard.

I encourage you today, that whatever life throws at you, to not be afraid to take a lesson from your hardship and let it make you emotionally or even mentally stronger. Remember that there isn't a perfect person in the world and the goal isn’t to be perfect but, to live life with good intentions and purpose.

How can you overcome hardships?

1. Understand why something in our life occurs

It can be extremely challenging to come to an understanding of the reason behind going through something that we don’t deserve. However, when the answer to why doesn't come in mind create a road map to what you can do to learn the lesson you need to learn from it.

2. Know that this CAN make you stronger

Even if it breaks your heart, life will always find a way to make it right. Do the work that needs to be done, walk the path you are supposed to take and everything will work out exactly how it needs to.

3. Allow the feelings to pass through

Intense emotions can be scary. It can take you to a place you have never been to by removing you from your comfort zone. When we try to shut our feelings down eventually there comes a moment when they explode. The explosion of the mess will take a lot longer to clean up. Letting feelings consume us on the inside without a release can consume us with an emotional state of somewhere we don’t want to be. When all the feelings are passing through, it can become overwhelming therefore we got to take the time to slow down and make space to mourn. Find what feels good in the world, hiking, painting, trip to nature, and use it to your advantage to help you move on. Sometimes, social media or even technology alone creates more stress than anything else, so whatever helps relieve your stress, do whatever it takes to take a moment and de-stress for a while. Whether its outdoors or reading a book, whatever it is that can help you, you CAN do it.

4. Don’t let pain become your identity

Remember that pain is here to teach you a lesson to take a step forward and not to build a wall. Rumi once said, “The cure for pain is in the pain.” If you want your own cure in life you got to go through the pain and walk through the hard times. Take all the control that you can into your hands to create your own master piece.

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”


Remember that there is always help out there when life gets overwhelming. Most of all never be afraid to ask someone trustworthy for help. Life isn’t a path that we are meant to walk alone. I would love to hear some tools that you use to overcome something difficult in your life.

How do you overcome hardships that life throws your way?

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