Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

Perfection is an illusion, and those who seek it will find themselves unfulfilled their whole life. When we let go of the illusion that things have to be perfect, we can be set free and realize that things are better good than perfect. The idea of perfection can put our focus on the things that we don’t have yet, instead of appreciating the wonderful things that we do have. Our focus goes from gratitude to the idea of “not enough” and that is a life filled with feeling unfulfilled.

Perfectionism is a sneaky thing. It comes in your thoughts and turns your beliefs into doubt. Where doubt is, fear lives. Think about an area of your life that you might want full control over because the idea of not having it perfect terrifies you. That is the area where fear controls your life, but it is presented to you as the area where you want to be perfect.

Where in your life are you trying to be perfect?

Some things that we might fall in the trap of wanting perfect are:

  • a perfect outer appearance

  • the perfect home

  • the perfect relationship

  • the perfect time to start something

  • the perfect date

  • the perfect words to say

  • the perfect time to say them

  • the perfect kids

  • the perfect family

The idea of doing something perfect can hold you back from doing it at all. Waiting for things to be perfect before you start something is like believing one will be happier if they just get that one thing they are hoping for. When we know that most of the time that “one thing” will not make us happy or feel perfect. Maybe for a while but that feeling will quickly fade away. When we wait for perfection or try to get an area of our life perfect it puts our focus on the wrong thing.

"The idea of doing something perfect

can hold you back from doing it at all."

-Beautiful Simple Life-

Traps that fool you into focusing on the wrong thing:

  • The perfect diet plan instead of listening to what your body wants to feel nourished

  • The perfect date plan because it might make him Mr.Right

  • The perfect relationship instead of inner work on ones self

  • The perfect desk to write before doing the work of writing

  • The perfectly decorated house instead of a loving, kind home

  • The perfect outfit instead of a kind, compassionate heart

The list can seem never ending but unfortunately it is something that most of us can relate to one way or another. Let go of all the illusions of perfection and take actions to the things that you want in your life. Nothing will ever change if we don’t start with a mindset shift to live a life taking intentional steps towards the results you want.

When was a time in your life when you decided to wait to start something?

It might have been when you waited for…

Monday to start eating healthy

The perfect workout equipments before working out

Someone to become perfect before marrying them

Another person to make you feel happy and enough

The family to create the life that you want

That perfect job that you have been hoping for

The perfect time to start a relationship

"Perfection can quickly become procrastination."

-Beautiful Simple Life-

The idea of waiting for perfection before starting something is stealing time away from the life that you could already be living. True joy can be found in those moments when one realizes that something not so perfect turned out to be everything that they needed. Things will never be perfect all at the same time and there will always be things that are left behind while other things thrive. It is up to us to choose where our value stands in that moment. When all of our focus goes on taking the step towards creating something “perfect” we might just miss out on something more valuable.

"Sometimes when we wait too long

for the perfect moment,

that moment pass us by."

-Beautiful Simple Life-

When we wait for perfection:

  • Our energy goes on always waiting and perfectionism.

  • Too much time might be waisted.

  • Waiting for the perfect moment to begin something is sometimes an excuse to yourself on why you haven't started.

  • The perfect time to take that trip is a illusion because there will always be something else that needs to be done first

"No matter what your idea of perfection is,

it will not be everyones idea of it,

therefor it creates a false illusion."

-Beautiful Simple Life-

No matter what your idea of perfection is, it will not be everyones idea of it, therefor it creates a false illusion. Enjoy the process to “your perfection” but don't make that your goal. What is the purpose of life if the only part you enjoy is the ending? It’s like watching a movie just to find out what happens at the end and failing to enjoy any other part of it. Enjoying everything you do in life without always waiting for something or someone. Stop waiting for that perfect moment; just grab a moment and make it perfect. Do now, make it happen now, don;t let anything else stop you from what you want. There is always a imperfect way to something that might open the road to something beautiful.

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