Planning The Week For Success

Do you ever get to the end of the week and wonder where the time went? Maybe, you have started your week already hoping that the weekend would come around. It might seem as you are constantly working because you have no free time to do anything else. Sometimes when we get caught up in our daily to-do list we forget all about the big picture.

The big pictures with all of our dreams and new year resolutions might have slipped away from our plans lately. It is easy to set ourselves on autopilot doing the same thing everyday forgetting all about what we actually accomplished the day before.

As someone who gets overwhelmed by not having a plan and schedule for myself, I find it essential for my sanity. I strongly believe that a good plan followed by actions makes for a successful week. It reduces anxiety and procrastination when you choose to work towards accomplishing something that you can be proud of.

If you are not the kind of person who likes to plan their week ahead, here are some things to consider:

  • It helps to feel like your life is together even when everything seems chaotic

  • You won’t miss important events or tasks

  • Things won’t slip your thoughts because everything will be written down

Tools Required:

  1. Planner

  2. NoteBook for dumping all things that clutter your mind

  3. Google Calendar: Because digital gives you a reminder

Step 1. Review

  • Review your monthly planner to make sure you add in anything that might be forgotten 2

  • Review your plans, goals for the year and the season

  • If you have a goal to read a book, exercise a certain amount a week, make sure you schedule it in as well

Step 2. Write it all down

  • List your to do and must do’s

  • Dump ideas on everything you want to get done this week

  • If you have a plan to de-clutter your room, make sure you schedule that in 2

  • Any projects that you might have to get done, schedule it in and make sure you give yourself the proper amount of time for success

  • Tip: Sometimes if you give yourself too much time, procrastination can come into play.

Step 3. Set Priorities

  • Understand that not everything might get done from your list

  • Priorities and then move everything important to the beginning of your task

  • Keep your priorities realistic, only highlight the things that would make you feel as if you had a successful week even if you only got those things done from your list

  • If your priority is to get healthy then make sure you take the time to meal plan some healthy meal ideas to prepare you for success.

Accept that priorities change on a daily. As a mom, I know that even if I have things scheduled in, my day might not go as planned. Things constantly come up, a call from the school, a child gets sick. Someone needs an emergency appointment. Whatever the case might learn to be flexible and know that it is normal for things to come in between your plans.

Step 4. Schedule with an Action Plan

  • Know what kind of scheduling system works for you, and start scheduling accordingly

  • Design an action plan for things that are more complex and the ones you know might take a little more to get started on

  • If you have a plan to have more family time. What actions will you be taking to make it happen? Do you have a family day or game night scheduled in your week?

I use a scheduling system of blocking certain hours of the day off. My day consist of 3 different blocks, morning 6am-12pm, noon 1pm-4pm, and afternoon 5pm-10pm. It’s what works best for me to know what I have to get done and where I need to be at each time of the day. For some hourly scheduling might work best, but I am usually on my kids' schedule which means I never know when exactly I will have the time to work on a project. However, I will always know what section of my day it will fall into.

What does your weekly schedule look like?

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