What is Self-awareness?

It is a conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives, and desires.

It can be a painful process to go through but it leads to greater knowledge in self-awareness.

When does this happen?

  • A major shift in someone's life happens, and afterward, things can never be the same again.

  • When someone becomes tired of the old patterns of life, and a major change is desired.

  • When one starts wondering if this is all there is to life and things that once mattered no longer have the same meaning.

  • Meeting someone who changes our life forever.

Benefits to self-awareness:

  • Helps navigate through a tough time to turn events into a learning beneficial process

  • Improves relationships with self and others

  • Gain self-knowledge on certain behaviors, patters that occur

  • Choose to work through anything negative from the past and use it to benefit your life in a positive way

  • Realizing that the way you think about your life will create your reality

  • Helps you get out of the victim mentality

  • Knowing that we are all in this together, others and a reflection of our reality

How to adapt to daily life?


Journaling help ease thoughts, while also easing the mind. Sometimes our minds can feel chaotic and start becoming overwhelming, by journalling it helps release the thoughts that no longer serve us while helping us realize that sometimes things are not as chaotic as the mind makes it seem.


Listening to podcasts is a wonderful way to extend the mind and open the mind to new ideas that might positively serves us. It also helps us get out of the fixed mindset mentality that can hold us back from achieving our goals in life.

Taking control over the mind:

Our mind can become a very confusing place if we get caught up with all of our thoughts. The thoughts can come from emotions, ego, beliefs, things that have been thought to us therefor the most important thing that we can do is to take control over it. Be the one who decides what thoughts come in and what thoughts no longer serve you therefor they need to exit. Taking time to pause, breathe before reacting can change the way we respond. Bringing awareness into the thoughts that you’re having can help us know the deep root of where the feeling comes from.

Willing to change:

Making a change is never easy however life will only change if we can be open to the idea of change. Not everyone is, and that is okay because everyone has their timeline of what they need at the current stage of their life. Recognizing where improvement is necessary is crucial because it requires daily mental effort. Reflecting and redirecting to what you want to do might sound easier than actually accomplishing, but once it becomes a daily practice it is a mastery to oneself.

Self-awareness is somethings that have truly changed every aspect of my life. From realizing the meaning behind life, relationships, actions, thoughts, emotions and taking daily actions to live in the moment has made me appreciate all the little things in life. Taking these steps and practices in our daily life helps become more compassionate towards yourself and others.

  • What are your thoughts on self-awareness?

  • Have you ever had a time in your life that brought awareness to everything that you do?

I would love to receive a comment or an email about your story and thoughts on this topic.

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