Self-Love is the beginning

Updated: Feb 16

Self-love is something that requires a constant decision to love and accept yourself for who you are while moving forward to the person you wish to be. It takes a mindset shift to view yourself as the best version of you. The version of you who you wish to be one day. Self-love becomes the blueprint of everything that we do in our world.

"True love can motivate people more than anything else in this world."

Things to remember:

  • True love can make you do the impossible.

  • Love yourself the way you wish to be loved.

  • Learn to give yourself everything you hope to receive so your heart isn't desperate. Because a desperate heart is easily deceived.

1. Be Love

Learning that love comes from within ourselves is not something many of us grew up believing. Our world makes us believe that love is something that is found in something or someone. But what most of us fail to know is that before true love can come to us, it needs to be found within ourselves first. If love isn't felt within ourselves, we shall choose to see with a mindset that chooses to see all things with love. Learn to give yourself all the love that you seek from others so you can create the blueprint to the life you wish for.

2. Give Love

How do you give love? By loving yourself so you can be your best self to everyone around you. The best kind of love to give is the unconditional one. Not the easy love where the words just get thrown around to anyone and everyone who simply says it to you. Give the kind of love where you don’t expect anything in return. The love that simply is, and regardless of any circumstances. It is not tied down to obligations or conditions. The one where you can love and simply believe that everything you wish for will come to you at the perfect moment.

3. Receive Love

For some of us receiving love might be a little harder than giving it because they know that their hearts can be deceiving but might know that their soul can’t be. Therefore they are scared to get vulnerable enough to accept the truth that sometimes the love they need to receive is the kind of love their soul needs. This is when the mind comes into affect by giving the ego all of the logical reasons to create fear and doubt to be unable to receive the love that they have always hoped for. Accepting love can become a challenge because it requires you to become vulnerable, open yourself and have faith in the unknown. True love can be a beautiful feeling but before it is it will tear down all the walls that you have built within yourself.

Master loving yourself so your open to giving it and receiving it in all the best ways, without being in desperate need to search for it. Never underestimate the power of love because it will become something that will help you grow into the person that you wish to be. It will come to you at just the right moment, the moment when you are ready to accept it. But before you can accept real love, learn to master self-love.

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