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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Imagine looking into a mirror that reflected your personality as your image. Looking in the mirror you would see your personality reflecting right back at you. Imagine if everyone would view themselves from the inside before their appearance ever shows. Would people contribute as much energy to loving themselves and the way they treat others as much as they spend shopping for things that might make them look cool?

Would you be satisfied with your reflection?

Some of us wait for a perfect person to walk into our lives to give some kind of special value to our life. We get trapped into thinking that things are always better when other people try to fix us. However, in all honesty, the deepest work always has to be done alone. I have spent a fair amount of time in my life thinking that I couldn’t do the deep inner work all by myself. I have failed to know my true strength, the things I was capable of doing all by myself. When you are no longer afraid to face things alone, life will seem limitless. The best decision we can ever make for ourselves is to learn to not add our troubles in other peoples lives. Learn how to take a step back to face things by yourself, because then our happiness will no longer depend on others. This shift lifts a lot of unwanted pressure off relationships.

“Exterior beauty, without

the depth of a kind soul

is merely decoration.”

Some of us are constantly waiting for others to change who they are so they can fit into our personal needs. We might be guilty of judging people on how they look and the type of clothes that they wear. Some of us might get caught up on the way someone presents themselves to us with the things they own, that we might ignore who they are based on their personality. When life seems like it’s getting chaotic, we should make time to take look into our own mirror, and try to see our personality before anything else.

Becoming the person who gives the most value in your own life.

Make your personality become the person that you are most longing for. There is nothing more beautiful than being the person that you want most in your life. It helps you not add any pressure to others because you create your own wants, and happiness. Anyone who crossed your path will be more appreciated because you won’t waste time relying on them, just simply enjoying their company.

The amount of work we put in ourselves will always reflect on us without ever looking in a mirror. Before I end this blog post, I would like you to walk away with a couple of these questions.

What would you change about yourself when it comes to your personality?

Where is your biggest, daily focus?

What is holding you back in life; is it letting go of the past, bitterness, self-doubt, negativity, insecurity, gossip, guilt, jealousy?

There is always work that needs to be done on one's self. The best way to keep up is to always maintain yourself, deal with your emotions and problems as they come. Just because the mirror shows you someone you might like on the outside doesn’t mean that your soul is happy with the person you are becoming. As time passes, you might realize that outside appearance will only get you so far before your inner self shows where real work needs to be done.

Self-reflection and working on ourselves will always be more important then the look we try to cover ourselves with. Looks fade away with time, but our personality will always shine stronger. When you maintain yourself on the inside, you will never lose yourself on the outside. Make your life count, make yourself worth it for above what the world sees you as. Live every day as if you looked at your personality in the mirror, and ask yourself “do I like who I am mastering myself to be?"

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