Spring Reading List

Books have always played a special part in my life. There is nothing like reading a great book that can change your perspective on how you look at life. The best way to seriously damage some ignorance is by reading some great books. Some books might even completely change your life, those are the kind of books that I fall in love with. Ronald Dahi once said “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books”

Reading was one of the first things I felt like I had to give up when I became a mom. I barely had time to get myself ready. How was I supposed to sit down and read a book? Of course, I take the challenge. I decided to make the greatest decision by signing up for audible.com because I knew by doing so it eliminates the excuse to neglect the books on my reading list. I have never felt more productive while driving or even cleaning than when I get to listen to a great book. So I am taking a challenge to listen to 6 books this Spring that I know will add value to my life.

Spring Reading List:

  1. The Whole Brained Child by: Daniel J. Siegel (learn more here)

  2. Girl, Wash Your Face by: Rachel Hollis (learn more here)

  3. No-Drama Discipline by: Daniel J. Siegel (learn more here)

  4. Love Languages by: Gary Chapman (learn more here)

  5. The Mastery of Self by: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. (learn more here)

  6. Girl, Stop Apologizing by : Rachel Hollis (learn more here)

What are some of your favorite books?

I would love to hear what challenge you will be taking on this season?

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