Starting Over

It happened! I opened my laptop, went straight into my folder of recent projects I have been working on. Then just like that, all my work was gone! I am serious when I say that my heart skipped a beat and dropped down into my stomach. Weeks of hard work all of the sudden disappeared. Staying up past midnight working on this project. Battling the urge to lay in bed after a long day, and choosing to sit for hours and work on something that I have been really wanting to get done.

That moment I had a decision to make. A decision to have this project be important enough to start all over with the right mindset and make it even better. Or a decision to let it go, and forget all about it. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Right?

So I did, start all over and here are the steps I went through to keep my mindset in the right direction. To not let myself get frustrated and overwhelmed by the thought of walking down a path and having to redo it all. When all your hard work is gone, start over.

"And suddenly you know...

It's time to start something new

and trust the magic of beginnings."

1. Alternate your mindset

If all your work is gone, try to think of it as practice. Tell yourself that it was a time for you to practice because now you can do whatever you worked on twice as good.

2. Don’t give up

Starting fresh in something you never thought would have to do again, can actually have a lesson behind it. The lesson to prove yourself how important something is for you. The lesson of not giving up when life throws lemons at you.

3. New beginnings

It truly is a time for something new. It might give you a clear idea on what you have been working on and this could be a way to have more of an outlook on things. Learn from your mistakes and make your work twice as good.

"Having to do something twice

is an opportunity to make it twice as good."

-Beautiful Simple Life

Most of all, don’t beat yourself up for a mistake. Instead, change your perspective and do the work again to become your own inspiration. Just because something might take you twice as long to finish won’t mean the amount of time put into it won’t be worth it. Having to do something twice is an opportunity to make it twice as good. Especially when you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn with an open mind.

Have you ever came across a situation where you had to start something all over? What kind of lessons did you learn from starting from the beginning?

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