Updated: Jan 21, 2019

New year resolutions tend to be something that most of us make, and also fail at. We set unrealistic expectations to start something we wish we did, but know we can procrastinate on. Our minds might already be failing us before starting because we falsely assume that we have time. The truth is that the best time to start a new year resolution is now, at this very moment.

I say this for two reasons. One, is because if you really want something to happen as soon as possible, why are you waiting for a new year to start it? If you want something bad enough, prove it and start now. I have realized that as much as I love planning, there is only so much planning a person should do. Planning really can kill magic, and it can also take your time and energy away from actually accomplishing what you planned to do. On that note, plan the basics but most importantly leave room for all the magic to happen in between. The more time I spent planning something out, the less time I had to work on what I wanted. So I say, make a note and get it done.

Reason number two is because the best time to start something you really want is when you are the most challenged. I say this because if you start out hard, the hard times won’t knock you off your feet. If you really want something, you will work your best at it even at the most difficult times. It will motivate you twice as much and if you “fail,” you don't actually fail because you are already ahead of the game compared to the ones waiting for the new year to start. Think of it this way, if you’re waiting for January 1st to start working out, you will probably lose interest in it quickly. It will become a chore that you have to do, in order to not break the promise you made yourself the new year. However, if you just start working out now, you will be that many days ahead of the ones that are still waiting to start. Even better, you could take the very first day of new years off as a treat to yourself because you definitely earned it.

That was just one common example, but it truly is the same with everything else we do in life. The longer you push something off, the less likely that you will finish it. The moment you learn to just plan the basics and jump for it is the moment things will seem less complicated.

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