The Mask

More than ever before people are struggling with identity, purpose and understanding their soul desires. They have come to terms that what they found once as satisfying, no longer brings them any satisfaction in their world. Everything seems to be changing, from values, beliefs and even the way people are living their daily life.

Some have decided to become more intentional with approaching daily life. They have become more intentional with the habits that they have created themselves, the food they consume, and even the things they surround themselves with. Some of us have even become more conscious about the thoughts we have, the people we surround ourselves with. Some people go more in-depth in becoming intentional with the thoughts they have, the words they speak and the conversations that they allow themselves to engage in.

I believe from personal self-growth experience that the most important thing in growth is to not let yourself get stuck. Keep moving forward up on the ladder. Whatever you might be going through at the moment, or whatever interest you at this moment is exactly right for you as long as it is helping you grow and not hurting anyone around you. We reach different phases of our life at different times, that’s why it is very important to never judge anyone because we all have a different journey.

Self-discovery requires us to try different things that might work for us. Everything has it’s good and bad therefore learn to grow from the good, take the lesson with you and keep moving forward. Sometimes we might get stuck because we decide to do what others expect from us, or what we think others expect from us. This feeling is extremely unfulfilling after a while because it slowly hides your true self and creates a false identity.

There are more people than we can imagine who have experienced living life for other people's expectations. It might have been a parent, a spouse, for family members or even for friends. Some of us have spent some time living with a mask on. This mask is nothing more than what we have chosen to put on for others. This mask has made us become the person we believe everyone has as their expectation of us. However, how people see you have nothing to do with you, and everything to of with them. Therefore ask yourself: Do you want to become them?

Because all a mask will do is hide your true self in the hopes that your mask is as good enough for them as they are for themselves. Our mask has been created by the people whom we look up to and try to please.

Questions to consider:

Who are you?

What is your purpose in this world?

What mask are you wearing?

Is the person you have become the person that you want to be in the future?

Is there anything that you wish to change within yourself? ex: Self-doubt, Lack of motivation, Mindset, Negative thoughts, Self-sabotage

Up until this point, what has been your purpose in life?

Are you satisfied with your life?

There is an incredible amount of work that comes with self-discovery. That is the place where you get real about what you feel so you can heal. Join the community if you are interested in doing inner healing work and growing your soul. Our mission is to do the inner work together to become the best version of ourselves.

What are your thoughts about wearing a mask to satisfy other people?

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