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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The other night as I was preparing myself for bed, a thousand what if questions started filling my head. What if this happened? What if that happened? It was never-ending. It’s crazy to think that our life could be a lot different if our “what if’s” were our reality. It seems as “what if” questions can sometimes be pointless because they overwhelm you with a false reality. However, asking yourself a couple “what if” questions might be exactly what you need to gain perspective. It can make your mind think outside the comfort zone, and it can teach something new about yourself.

What if people are not who they are, but who you think they are?

Have you ever met someone amazing that seemed perfect in your eyes, but yet no one else saw them like that? Have you ever wondered why that was? Was it because no one realized the beauty that person had to offer? Or was it because you saw them as wonderful because it was your own reflection?

Some people never see the good in others. They may be bitter and see the world from their own eyes. The eyes that are connected to a brain that sees all the negative in the world. How do you think that person will view the same person that you might find wonderful? What about the people who get jealous over other peoples life? When a person has jealousy in their heart everything else kind of shift directions because jealousy is the root of all evil.

What if you're not who you are, but you are what you think people think you are?

Read it again, because this requires some deep thinking. Let me explain. Have you ever walking in a room where people admired you and looked up to you? When you walk in there, you will walk in with knowing you are loved while holding your head high. It automatically makes you think highly of yourself, just because you know that people in that room value who you are.

What if you walk into a room with people who don’t really want you there in the first place? Will you still be walking in with your head high feeling adored? Probably not, because in our mind we walk in knowing we might not be welcomed. We walk in wondering what they might be thinking and saying about us. What if you walk into this room thinking that people love you? Everything will change because our mindset has the most effect on our lives.

Now, What if you walk into a room with the idea of detaching yourself from what anyone might think or feel about you? Because at the end of the day, if you know who you are, the rest is not going to matter. You will come to the conclusion, that it’s all about the mindset. If your able to treat a person who doesn't like you with the same respect as the person who does. Then you have detached yourself from their opinions, and you learn to simply be you for you. No one will ever have control over the way they make you feel by their opinions.

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