Tips On Starting Preschool

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The time has come, it is back to school season and my oldest one will be starting preschool in just a couple of days. This is certainly an emotional time for me because it makes me realize how big my little boy has become. It is bittersweet because I love spending every moment with him. However he loves his school, so I try to make back to school season something very special for him. I have been spending the last two weeks going out of my way to make every day special for him while also doing little things every day that I know will benefit him at school. Today I will share with you some of my mommy tips on starting school that has truly been making a difference.

1. Workbooks

The best part about back to school season is that anywhere you go the shelves are filled with activity books. I go to a couple stores and buy them all. Yes, I’m that mom that will have 3 different alphabet, number, shapes, and colors workbooks just to make sure we get ahead of the game. I take my oldest son shopping with me and let him pick out all his books, crayons and whatever else we need to have a great time. I spend every day working on these workbooks with him. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has helped him at school because when he has to do his work there he is already ahead of the game. It is easy and a bonding experience for the both of you.

2. Vitamins

I prepare my kids a couple weeks before starting school with all the vitamins they need. It is how I make sure their immune system is boosted. I feel like starting them early on vitamins is a great way to prevent them from getting sick. I’m a strong believer in taking care of yourself before anything can catch up to you. Remember the best thing to do is talk to your child's pediatrician and see if there are any specific vitamins that they would recommend.

3. School shopping

Back to school shopping can be exciting but also frustrating. I choose a day when my child seems happiest, and I ask him to tag along so he can get excited about going back to school. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of fun that he has. He was overly excited about new shoes and clothes because it was specifically for school. Somehow when you tell them you’re buying things for school it just makes it that much more exciting and special for them. Making this a fun day is important because I think it will reflect their first days of school. Have a little lunch date with your little one, and talk about all the fun adventures he will have when he begins his new journey.

4. Prepare Lunch menu ideas

I have a list of go-to lunch ideas for the days when life gets busy. This has been saving me for those mornings when I don’t get the chance to prepare lunch because life got a little chaotic. This will not require much thinking, look at your list, see what you got and throw something delicious and quick together.

5. Starting on bedtime early

I have a 7:30 PM bedtime for my kids because the night time is the only time I can get anything done. However over the summer that gets pushed to 8:30-9PM. I make it a priority to decrease that time by 10 minutes every night so we can go back to a 7:30-8PM bedtime by the time school starts. I do whatever I need to in order to make sure they go to bed early, even if they end up waking me up at 5 AM. I will spend the afternoons taking them out to adventures to make sure they get all their energy out before our bedtime routine. This little time takes dedication but it is extremely efficient.

I hope you really enjoyed my tips on preparing preschoolers to start their new school years. If you have any of your own tips, I would love to read them in the comments below. Also if anyone is interested in some quick go to lunch ideas for a toddler, let me know and I will share some recipes. #beautifulsimplelife #habits #changinghabits #becomebetter #selfimprovement #motivation #motivationalblog #inspiration #lifestyleblog #perspective #mindfulliving #centeryourself #startingpreschool #preschool

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