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Right now the whole world is going through a major transformation. We are going through a phase that could be called “metamorphoses”. This is the time when whatever we decide to do will create who we become on the inside. More then ever before the world around us is proof that we can’t always have control over what is happening on the outside. However, we can control what is happening inside our cocoon.

We have been forced to physically distance ourselves from everybody which can cause some level of fear and anxiety. This allows us to stay alone with our thoughts, doubts, fears, and start everything all over. Our perspective on things will not only create our new mindset but will also become the reason we feel a certain way. Be aware of the options that are presented to you and don’t let it overwhelm you.

Our focus and attention should be on making sure we do everything we can to come out of our cocoon fresh, strong, resilient and wiser butterflies. The true beauty of a butterfly is the growth that happens inside the cocoon. Transformation happens within all of us and whatever is created on the inside reflects our outer world. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to sit with our thoughts and do the things that we never had time for. How we choose to spend this time on self-growth each moment is the way we create this moment a beautiful one.

The best things to keep our focus on right now:

Our self-growth

Self Reflection

Everyone in the world has lost everything they have once known about their daily life. Within a matter of days, the world has changed and as we know it life will never be the same again.

Take this time to think about what is most important to you and your life. The outside world no longer defines who you are, so take this time to create who you have always wanted to be. Ask yourself the simple questions that are the hardest to answer. With this, you're allowing yourself to realign your actions with your values.

Self Care

Most of us have learned the term self-love before and some of us have been working on applying it to our daily life. However, this is the time to go beyond that and refresh our mental hygiene. We become and create the thoughts that we have, therefore it is more important than ever before to keep our thoughts and mindset positive. There are still many things we can become grateful for and with that gratitude we can create more opportunities for yourself.

Be Creative

This is the time to be creative and contribute your time and energy on the things that matter at this moment. We always want more time on the things we love to do. What is it that you are doing with your time now that your wish came true? Use your creativity to expand your capabilities.

Expand your knowledge by:

  • Reading a book

  • Learning a new skill

  • Learning a new language

  • Write

  • Draw

  • Paint

  • Create new habits that will serve you later

  • Spend time with your thoughts

  • Ditch social media for a couple of days

  • Switch your focus from what others are doing for a day and focus on what you have been doing.

With every storm, there is a rainbow but only the ones who are willing to look up will see it.

I encourage you to look up and find your way and path on creating your own life today. Life is a choice, and it comes down to a series of decisions.

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