Tune In To Tune Out

Updated: Feb 16

Do you ever feel like you are stuck at a crossroad in life?

Maybe you aren't sure of the right direction that needs to be taken. The moments when we feel stuck in life are the time when it’s easy to start searching for answers. The answers that are debatable and fill our mind with different ideas but yet neither of them truly feel satisfying for us. We start digging deeper into things in the hopes of finding an answer from someone or something who can simply tell us what our next move in life needs to be.

“What might feel right for that moment

might be the exact feeling that hides you from seeing

the answer that you need.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

Have you ever found a million answers to a solution that you have been looking for but none of it felt right enough to do? That happens because the answer that we are searching for is not out there, it is already within you. However sometimes it is easier to ignore the answer that is right for us and start believing in the answer that we rather want. Learning that nobody will give us the answer that we search for is the first step towards searching for it.

Things to always remember:

  • What is right for you won't always be right for others

  • Be okay with doing what you need to without searching for acceptance

  • Your truth, your happiness is nobodies but yours

  • Decide what matters more: Your acceptance of yourself or others accepting you

  • There isn't a soul out there who can tell you what the right direction is because they simply aren't living your life

When you align yourself and tune into your true self, you will find all your answers.

When you feel stuck in life:

  • Tune out from the world

  • Look for the answers within yourself

  • Be patient and gentle with yourself

  • Remember that the best things in life take more time

  • Guide yourself to have a grateful heart

  • Don’t be afraid to master the person that you want to become

“Stop searching for the answers

that your heart knows the answers to.”

-Beautiful Simple Life

The most difficult part about finding the right answers is giving it the times it needs for us to truly accept it. Even when we know the answer, sometimes we rather make excuses to ourselves because we are unaccepted to it. The amount of time we are willing to wait patiently for something the better the outcome will be. What might feel right for that moment might be the exact feeling that hides you from seeing the answer that you need.

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