When Life Gets Overwhelming

With a blink of an eye, it’s already February! Really? It feels like the new year just started 2 seconds ago. This month has kept me on my toes, and something tells me that this month set the tone for my year. For the first time in a while I had more to deal with then I could handle. As always, I decided to make it an opportunity to teach myself how to not become overwhelmed.

When the days should have been overwhelming me and driving me into a procrastinating zone. They didn’t, don’t get me wrong. They left me exhausted beyond words, but I didn't get overwhelmed. Last year I truly wanted to master not letting my emotions get the best of me. It seems as if I have been moving along the tracks of mastering this habit.

I realized that there were 4 things that I kept repeating to myself when things seemed chaotic. By using these small little methods had made all the difference in my everyday life. Today, I would like to share with you a couple small adjustments that have helped me.

Why do I want to share?

Because it is a awful feeling when your days take over while leaving you overwhelmed at the end of the day. It doesn’t just affect your mind, body, and soul. It also makes you less productive and mostly you lose out on enjoying the little things in life.

“Life has a way of testing a persons will, either by

having nothing happen at all

or by having everything happen at once.”

-Paulo Coelho

How do I keep myself together when life gets overwhelming?

1. Reframe your mindset

Learn to pause before you take actions. Think about the reason behind the things you are doing and the decisions that you are making. Adjust your mindset into self-care. Know that even when life seems chaotic, your self-care is just as important as your to-do list. Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, no one will be there taking care of your list for you.

2. Go back to the basics

Keep everything as simple as possible. Simple wardrobe, routines, meals that are simple and whole food. Stop overcomplicating things, and get things done the best you can. Go back to the simple basics so your attention and decision making can be where it’s needed instead of things that are less of a priority. Choosing simple routines can help you stay on track with your self-care all while not letting yourself be forgotten about. Simplifying things like meals can actually help you choose more whole foods and healthier options.

3. Listen more

Choose to become a listener in conversations. Instead of always feeling like you have to answer everything, simply listen. There are times when our judgments can be clouded when we feel overwhelmed. Don’t make a mistake by always trying to come up with an answer. Listen and learn to whatever needs to be learned at that moment.

4. Take action

If you need a day off, give yourself a day to be off balance with the thought that tomorrow you will take action. Ignore the trap of always having to be perfect and always doing it all. Take the time you need to rebuild yourself. Stop looking for inspiration, be your own inspiration by taking action when it feels impossible. There are day’s I feel completely off balance. I give myself those days and let myself know that it’s okay to do things differently that day. However, at the end of the night, I try to push myself to catch up to find my balance for tomorrow. This works overtime, and I end up inspiring myself to see the amount of work I got to get done when it felt impossible.

How do you get through overwhelming times? Do you give yourself the permission to feel off balance? Or do you push yourself above and beyond until your done?

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