Your Journey Defines Your Destination

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Have you ever heard someone say “learn how to enjoy the journey not just the destination?” Ya? Me too. I have heard that message about a hundred times before. I have never thought much about it, until lately. I have finally realized just how helpful that statement is in so many aspects of my life.

Think of your journey as the biggest part of your destination. That is the ideal time to learn and grow. The journey is what will determine what kind of destination you will have. After all, the destination is the end result of your journey. The journey is the time when you are capable of making the best out of anything that comes your way. That is the place where you have the choices that lead to your destiny.

Imagine that you are taking a trip somewhere, on a plane that has always been a dream of yours. On your journey, it seems as if nothing was going your way, your exhausted, frustrated, you overpacked, it even seems as if anyone who comes your way is extremely rude to you. All of this combined is already making your “dream trip” a living nightmare so you decide to just give up on focusing on all the good that is happening. That something you have been waiting for is already half destroyed. Now, How do you think you will feel when you get to your destination?

Imagine how you would feel doing everything in your power to focus on all the positive things. Think about being extremely grateful for everything you have at that moment. Instead of being frustrated, your grateful that you have an excess of clothes to overpack. Grateful enough to be positive at a time when everyone seems like they need more of you in their life. Realizing that everyone around you might be going through chaos in their life. Stop and reflect on all the positive that has come your way. Now imagine how you will feel when you arrive at your destination.

Even if you are forced to face some challenges, it won't ruin your trip, you have switched your way of thinking from the beginning of your journey. You have already decided to focus on the positives in your life and not the negatives.

I hope this is something that you can reflect on because I know that I have been able to apply this to everything I do on a daily. I hope you can reflect on this and apply it to your everyday situations. For me, it has helped me slow down and enjoy all the little things around me. I hope to hear how it helps you!

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